concurve 2.0.1 Unreleased

Major changes

  • plot_concurve() now has “measure” as an item which allows for ratio measures to be logarithmically scaled on the x axis. There are two options, “default”, which is set as the default option and is for mean differences, and “ratio”, which will result in the axis being logarithmically scaled.
  • plot_concurve() also now has a “fill” option which will allow users to choose the color of the plot.

concurve 2.0 2019-07-10

Major changes

  • The plotpint() function which plotted consonance functions has been repackaged into ggconcurve().
  • The plotsint() function which plotted surprisal functions has been repackaged into ggconcurve().
  • Functions can now also be plotted with base R via the plot_concurve() function.
  • Consonance functions can be plotted as a pyramid (right side up) or inverted (upside down) via the “position” item in ggconcurve().
  • Null values (for means & ratios) can be plotted via the ggconcurve() function to show how much of the interval surrounds it.
  • Log transformations included in all the plotting functions for ratio measures.
  • Parallel programming has now been implemented into the computations via the mclapply() function from the parallel package.

concurve 1.08 Unreleased

Major changes

  • Can produce consonance and surprisal functions for correlations via the corrintervals() function.
  • Now able to construct consonance and surprisal functions from the point estiate, and confidence limits via the rev_eng() function.
  • Graphs produced via the plotpint() or plotsint() function now able to take custom titles, subtitles, x-axis titles, and captions.

concurve 1.07 Unreleased

Major changes

  • Can now produce consonance and surprisal functions for survival data produced with the survival package.

concurve 1.06 Unreleased

Major changes

  • Now contains documentation for producing interval functons in Stata.

Minor changes

  • Default plots now contain grids, title, subtitle, and a caption.
  • Updated figures in README and the ‘Examples in R’ vignette/article.